2020-10-30 Announcement-Body Life

October 30, 2020


Rye Hill Baptist Church & Friends,

We had a very good Body Life meeting last night. The amendment to our bylaw (Section 7) which changed from a church council to a Long Range planning committee was a unanimous vote. We now have in place our Long Range Planning Committee which will function with all future growth of our church in mind. Please be in prayer for the following committee members: Sharon Benson, Denton Branson, Landen Holmes, Ronnie Keener, Phil Newcom, Carl Schneider and Paul Walker. All recommendations from this committee must be brought and approved by the church body. We appreciate our nominating committee who carefully took their time to consider such an important committee in the life of our church.

Hope you have a great weekend and if we can help you in any way please give us a call.

Pastor Mike & Staff