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Frankly Speaking:

July, 2015

Dear Church Member,

God never ceases to amaze me with His power and presence in our church. He has been blessing us so much the past few months. I felt in my heart and have seen His mighty power at work but Carla shared some statistics with me that made my spirit leap for joy and my heart praise His Holy Name! Since March 1, God has added to His kingdom nine professions of faith and baptisms plus twenty five people have joined our church by moving their letter or by statements of faith. That is a total of thirty four additions in four months! Praise the Lord, we have been in revival and didnít even know it. To God be the glory, great things HE has done. We have guests in every service plus our attendance in Sunday School and Worship has been wonderful this first month of the summer. We had 353 this past Sunday, Fatherís Day, in both worship services. I pray that we never take the blessings of God for granted and that we thank Him daily for His mighty hand being on our church. To see God working week in and week out is something that is not happening everywhere. I just read an article where Southern Baptist membership, attendance, and baptisms have declined for the third straight year. That really breaks my heart. I thank God that He has allowed us to continue our Youth and Children Camps. Bro. Steve and our adult sponsors did a super job at Youth Camp. They had two professions of faith and two rededications! Thank you, Jesus! Bro. Steve said that the youth were wonderful to be with and the adults were great help. We also had an outstanding Childrenís Camp. Bro. Dale and his faithful adults always do such a great job. God blessed us with one profession of faith and fourteen rededications. I really enjoy preaching and teaching the children since that is the only time I get to spend quality time with them because of our weekly Childrenís Church. They are such a joy to be around and are like little sponges when it comes to memorizing and receiving Godís Holy Word. Thank you so much for your strong support financially and with many prayers. We could not be so successful without you helping us out in these two very important ways.

Our next big event is our Mission Trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota, July 6th - 13th. We appreciate everyone that helped us with the Mission Trip Luncheon. Because of your generosity and faithfulness, we raised over $2,800.00 for this Mission Trip. This will allow us to do everything we feel like God wants us to do while we are there. A special thanks to Bobby and Angie Archer plus our kitchen crew who worked so hard on Saturday and Sunday to make everything go quickly and smoothly on Sunday. Please begin praying daily for our Revival Services, Vacation Bible School, our afternoon work projects, and the eighteen folks going to the Mission field on the Native American Reservation. They have really gone through the fires since we were there last year and really need our support now, more than ever! Bro. Steve, Bro. Dale and I all feel lead to go again this year. Bro. Brandon will be out of town that week so Bro. Thurman Smith has agreed to preach and lead the music in all of our services on Sunday, July 12th. We are also asking our Deacons and Yokefellows to cover for us while we are gone that week. I truly thank God for dedicated and active Leadership in our church family. You will never know how proud I am of our volunteer leadership and how well they step it up when needed. With all that is still going on with mom and me being gone so much, with summer activities, peace of mind is such a blessing, knowing things are being taken care of and covered in my absence. Please continue to pray daily for my mother. Because of your prayers and Godís grace, it has been six months since the Dr.ís gave mom one to two months to live because of ovarian cancer. She is hurting more and her thinking is cloudy, but we thank God for every day He allows us to spend with her. I want to thank the church for allowing me extra time to spend with her. You have gone above and beyond being kind and understanding with our situation plus allowing me to go home every other week for the past six months. My family will be forever grateful for the love you have shown us. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Our Nominating Committee met for the first time last week to begin gathering names and especially praying for the names of those we feel like God wants to serve in the capacity of the Building Committee for our new Sanctuary. Please understand that it will take a huge commitment on the part of every member and especially at first, it will be very time consuming. This will be your last opportunity to turn in a name of a person that you feel like would do a great job on this extremely important committee. You can also turn your own name in if you have prayed about serving and want to be considered by the Nominating Committee. They are already bathing names in prayers and understand how important this first step is in the success of our new Sanctuary. Please join us in prayer and submit anyoneís name for consideration, by this Sunday.

Thank you very much for the many birthday cards, sweet words of encouragement, gift cards, and the generous Love Offering. The amount was amazing and such a blessing. The wonderful people of Rye Hill Baptist Church have taken such great care of my family and I. I absolutely love going tois a nice number.) May God richly bless you and we hope to see you this Sunday in church. I love each and every one of you!

In Christ,
Michael Franklin