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November, 2015

Dear Church Member,

I just absolutely love being the Senior Pastor of Rye Hill Baptist Church! It is truly a joy to come to work everyday. I really enjoy sermon preparation each week because I know that you are going to receive God’s Holy Word and do your best to apply it to your lives. The Holy Spirit has always been here but it seems even stronger this past year. I am so blessed and learn more each time I study and enjoy all four of our services weekly. I cannot say enough about how much our Praise and Worship time blesses my heart and soul. Bro. Steve, our Praise Team and our soloist do such an awesome job preparing our hearts and minds for the study of God’s Holy Word. I appreciate each one of you that engages in true Worship, singing from your hearts and listening with your spiritual ears. We all know that attitude is everything when it comes to true Worship.

We are very excited about our Building Committee meetings. The Nominating Committee did an outstanding job with our Building Committee! They have jelled and work together so well. Several of us went to the Little Rock area last week and looked at six sanctuaries. We really liked two of them and got a lot of good information concerning what they would or would not do differently. It was well worth the 11 hours and 379 miles we traveled that day.

Please, please, please continue to PRAY HARD for land to come available on both sides of us! We have contacted both owners and they have not said no, so there is a HUGE reason to pray, pray, pray! All we are asking for is a fair market price but if God chooses to move on them, we would take it as a donation and give them tax credit for it. Our Building Committee has chosen the three architects that will be bidding on the new Sanctuary. I literally had chill bumps on the back of my neck last week as I stood behind one of the pulpits in the first church we visited. This first part of the building program will probably take the longest. Please be patient with us as we pray about which architect we feel like God wants us to use. Ronnie Keener is giving a Building Committee report at every Body Life Meeting.

Can you believe it is almost November? I hope the weather does cool off a little more soon. We have added many new members this past year. We want everyone to make plans to be at church on Sunday, November 22nd, for our Annual Thanksgiving Fellowship and Service. We will have Sunday School at our regular time of 9:45 a.m. that day. There will be NO Early Worship Service on this special day. During the service, it might be a little crowded, but the choir is prepared to stay in the choir loft if necessary. We will also put in around 50 extra chairs that day. Our reason for doing this is so we can all have Thanksgiving dinner together. The church will provide the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, hot rolls, and drinks. We are asking all of our families to bring one of the following items to share with everyone: a salad, a vegetable, a casserole, or a dessert. We will literally have 90 feet of “all you can eat” at our Thanksgiving Dinner! Hallelujah! We will need lots of help on Wednesday night, November 18th, at 8:00 p.m. to help us set up for feeding over 500 people that Sunday.

You always come through for us so please mark these two important dates down for us. This time of Thanksgiving is truly one of the highlights of our year. We will also be taking up a Thanksgiving Offering for our Future Growth Fund. My friend, it is time to start getting real serious about paying for this new 800 seat Sanctuary. We are asking every family unit to really pray about what God would want them to do. We are very close to having a million dollars set aside for this future Sanctuary. Estimated cost right now is somewhere around 3 million dollars. The more we raise, the less we borrow or have to pay interest on. I still believe that God has grown our church and put us together for a moment like this. Wouldn’t it be great to show our community the power of God and have this building paid for before we had our First Worship Service in it! My Bible says that with God, “All things are possible”. Please pray with me that it will be so, and we will give God ALL the Glory for the great things He has done! To say that we are a little excited about it could be the understatement of the year. All we are asking is that you seek God’s face on what His will is for your family’s life in this important time of giving in our church. Thank you very much for your prayerful consideration and support.

Words seem never enough for how blessed Lori and I are serving here at Rye Hill Baptist Church. The raise you gave us and the Love Offering for Pastors Appreciation was so generous of you, as well as the many cards and kind words which have been such a blessing. From the bottom of our hearts, “Thank you”. We love and appreciate everyone of you! Lori and I are going to take some time off and be on vacation October 25th-November 1st. Our three Amigos will preach in my absence that Sunday, November 1st, like they did this summer, after losing Mom. I really appreciate all three of them and we look forward to some time off. Thank you for your faithfulness and prayer support. I know many of you pray for me and our church staff daily. You will never know how much that means to us. Take care and if there is anything we can do for you, please give us a call.

In Christ,
Michael Franklin