2020-10-11 Announcement-IMPORTANT

October11, 2020

Rye Hill Baptist Church & Friends
Important announcement:
The subject of when are we going to open our Nursery seems to keep coming up. We have checked again with the Arkansas Department of Health and we are still in phase 2. We know it has been a long time and we have brought back other ministries but according to the State Guidelines for places of worship and we quote, “Religious educational classes for
Youth/Children/Childcare may resume if this can be accomplished in compliance with physical distancing.” You cannot physical distance from babies/diapers or keep toddlers six feet apart. We have complied with all the COVID-19 State Guidelines up to this point for the sole purpose of keeping members and attendees safe and protected as much as we possibly can. Daycares that have childcare for essential workers are totally different from places of Worship. Other churches choose not to wear masks but we believe that we should cooperate with State Guidelines as a testimony of compliance plus the health of everyone concerned. Until the Governor/State Health Department moves us to phase 3 we will continue doing what we feel is right with much prayer and the love of our people in mind. Please continue to protect yourself outside of the church so we can prevent a COVID-19 outbreak in the church. Thank you for understanding our decisions and supporting us in prayer. We love each and everyone of you and truly miss those who stay home because of underlying heath reasons.
May God bless you!!!
Pastor Mike & Staff