2020-10-04 Order of Sunday Worship Service

Welcome to Rye Hill Baptist Church

October 4, 2020

10:30 am


Song                    We Will Remember

Song                    You Are My King (Amazing Love)

CBH#193            God Is So Good  

Prayer/Welcome   Pastor Michael Franklin

CBH#493             Glory To His Name

Song                      O the Blood

Song                       Yes, I Know

Special Music       Jody

Message                “The Jerusalem Council”
                                 Acts 15:1-35
                                 Pastor Michael Franklin 

Invitation                 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Dismissal                You Are My King (Amazing Love)


Wednesday Evening Services – 6:30 pm

Adult Bible Study & Prayer Time
Wednesday Worship for kids K-6
Youth Discipleship



October is Pastor Appreciation month. Join us as we acknowledge, encourage & pray for our Pastors. If you desire to give a Love Offering envelopes are at the church entrances & by the collection plates October 11th & 18th.


Christmas Shoeboxes
More shoeboxes have arrived. The boxes & item list are available at the display table in the foyer. The boxes must be returned to the church by November 15 with the $9.00 shipping/fee. Contact Chuck or Suzie for more information.


2020: Fearless In Our Praying