2020-07-17 Missions

July 1, 2020



“Kids Beach Club,” the after-school program, continued through the month of February and the first part of March. Schools stopped meeting the week before Spring Break, and of course this included our meetings. The Kids Beach Club has continued to send out weekly reading each week.

Our summer journey to Fort Worth took place May 31st-June 6th. We had a team of 10 who participated during the week, 5 from our church and 5 from a church in Van Buren.

The “Perspectives Course” began January 13th and finished in May. The last 6 sessions were conducted via computer.

We completed a session of Survival Kit for a growing Christian on Sunday Mornings and completed the 7-week study mid-April. I am so thankful for the technology that has allowed us to conduct our class using video and screen share.

I want you all to know the sewing machines that were given were quickly put into use making masks for those doing food distribution in response to the need brought about by job loss as Texas closed businesses in late march early April.

We are in times like none of us has ever experienced and it is a global event. I have great hope that God is going to be revealed to the world because of this event. May we be good stewards of the grace He has given us as we desire to see Him on display in all we do! This is a great time to pray with and to share our Lord to a hurting world.

I want to thank you all for how you encourage us and care for my family and me.


 It is truly exciting to be a part of all God is doing here at Rye Hill, what a privilege He has given us to join into what He is doing!


In Christ,

Brother Scott