2020-06-05 Frankly Speaking

Rye Hill Baptist Church and friends

I want to thank everybody for your prayers. I am feeling much better and 100%. I want to thank Bro. Steve and our office staff for covering for me this week. Do not forget Bro. Steve’s Wednesday message “The Greatest Thing God Ever Did” is on Youtube to watch at your convenience. Continue to pray for persecuted Christians and the unrest in our country right now. This Sunday I will be preaching a message entitled “Black Lives Matter” from Acts Chapter 10.

Our mission team is on their way home and they have had an awesome week. Bro. Scott will be sharing their journey when we resume our Wednesday night services, which I hope will be soon.

Praise God to date we do not know of anyone in our church who has had the Corona Virus.

Have a great weekend and may God Bless you and your family.

In Christ,

Bro Mike