2020-02-01 Missions

February 1, 2020

The Mission Continues

I want to thank each person at RHBC who serves every Tuesday with “Kids Beach Club.” This is an after-school Bible teaching program conducted at Orr Elementary. You can be assured we are well represented and without these volunteers this club would not be possible. Many of you saw fruit of this program several weeks ago when a mother and two daughters were baptized. The club offered us a chance to witness to them. Your support in giving, praying and serving are bringing people to Jesus.

We finished up another “Share Jesus Without Fear” equipping in January.Thank you all for consistently coming each week. I am hearing from some of those who participated about how they are being used to share Jesus with others and how much more equipped they are to do this without fear.

We had a great trip to Fort Worth for the Thanksgiving services. It was a time of connecting with the families we know. Sometime this month we will have an informational meeting regarding our summer journey which is set for May 31st-June 6th. I hope you will attend, pray and get it on your calendar if you are able to go.

The “Perspectives Course” began January 13th and we have 3 folks along with me who have made the commitment to taking this 15-week study regarding missions. I am truly excited about how this will help in equipping others and how God will use this in the life of our church.

We are planning another equipping course that might better prepare you for “Who’s Your One?” We will be offering the “Survival Kit” for new Christians as a disciple group beginning in March. Anyone interested in learning more about what it means to be a Christian is encouraged to attend this six- week study session. Watch for more information and plan to be a part.

It is truly exciting to be a part of all God is doing here at Rye Hill; what a privilege He has given us to join in on what He is doing!

 In Christ,

 Brother Scott