2019-12-01 Frankly Speaking

December 1, 2019


Frankly Speaking


It is hard to believe we have been in our new sanctuary for two years. The old saying, “time flies when you are having fun,” has definitely been true for us. It has been an incredible time in the life of our church. In the first year we saw 101 people saved, baptized, or join our church! Hallelujah! So far this year we have seen 62 people saved, baptized, or join our church. My sweet friend, that is a total of 163 people saved, baptized, or joining our church while in the new sanctuary! To God be the glory, great things He has done! We have really seen God move in a mighty way in November. We averaged 300 in Sunday School and 440 in Worship; plus God has given us decisions for 21 straight weeks. My prayer is that we will never take God blessing our church for granted and we will keep that friendly, caring, and loving attitude present no matter how much we grow in the Lord spiritually and numerically. People ask me all the time about what is going on at Rye Hill Baptist Church, so I tell them: we take great care of our people. We teach the Word (Sunday School), we sing to and worship the Lord, we preach the Word, and we have a great outreach program. Our scripture reference is 1 Corinthians 3:5-8, “some plant, some water, but God gives the increase;” Praise the Lord!

I just want to thank everyone for their participation in Sharing Jesus Without Fear. Bro. Scott and I really enjoyed teaching it on Sunday nights. Our attendance increased during the month-long study. Many people commented on how much they enjoyed the material. We have offered the whole program three different times this month and have seen a total of 28 people enrolled. My prayer is that we will continue to invite friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers to our church with the ultimate goal of sharing Jesus without fear to them and their family. Evangelism IS the #1 priority in the life of any growing New Testament Church. Evangelism creates excitement in the life of any church plus we would see our baptismal waters move more often. I appreciate Bro. Scott Warren’s heart for missions and love for evangelism! He is truly one of the most effective church leaders I have personally seen in these two important areas of ministry.

I want to thank all of our volunteers that support us in our Worship Services: the Praise, Sound and Media Teams. Without these faithful people we could not be as effective in our worship service. Bro. Steve does an awesome job of coordinating these three vital ministries. Our Praise Team members are so faithful to attend rehearsals. Our church is extremely blessed with amazing soloists who are always “spot-on” with their special music. The choir is wonderful in a day and age where choirs are not as active as they once were. We are blessed to have a church orchestra playing every Sunday morning. They are wonderful instrumentalists who really add to our Praise and Worship time. You can tell they practice at home also.

I truly believe with all my heart that we have a Top 10 Music Ministry in the state of Arkansas. They all have a desire to please God in song and music with a humble spirit. Our Sound Crew is super! Every Sunday they are here early setting up and fine tuning everything to make sure we have the best sound quality possible. Their teamwork is what makes it all possible plus they come to all rehearsals so they can be sure that the sound is near perfect. They are always looking for ways to improve in the sound ministry. Our Media Team is one of the most important teams because we are a media-driven society. It takes special people with timing skills to be so effective in our order of Worship and in programs. They are very conscience of the importance of needing to be sharp and ready for last minute changes. Bill Brown does an outstanding job recording our worship services which are seen on-line and in over 100 countries worldwide. He spends a lot of time editing and making sure we are within regulation guidelines. Only when we get to heaven will we see how far reaching our Media Ministry has been in touching the lives of so many people. All of our volunteers are important, but these three worship teams function every single week to help us be the best we can be for the glory of God. From the bottom of our hearts “THANK YOU” for a ministry well done.

As for 2020, I want to mention two things. First, our spring Bible Conference will be Sunday, May 3 – Wednesday, May 6. Please mark your calendars and begin praying. Second, in several weeks we will have a Chronological Daily Bible Reading chart available for everyone. I hope you will make a note of this and plan on taking one and reading through God’s Word during 2020 in a new and different way.

Christmas is fast approaching. My prayer is that we will not let the fast pace or the world’s view of Christmas distract from the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season! I know even our church schedule during Christmas is busy but please slow down, reflect on the greatest gift ever given, and find a way to help those in need. Christmas is truly one of my favorite times of the year, so let’s be sure to celebrate Jesus’ birth and practice Acts 20:35: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Jesus’ words). May the joy of Christmas be in your hearts and homes!

I love each and everyone of you and pray nothing but the best for you and your family!

In Christ,

Michael Franklin