2019-08-01 Frankly Speaking

FRANKLY SPEAKING                                                                                       08-01-2019


I have heard a phrase most of my Christian life in regards to church growth during the summer; it is called a “summer slump.” But praise God, He has blessed us mightily during the summer months. We have averaged over 400 in our Worship attendance for the month of July. God has brought us another harvest of new church members. In the last four weeks, we have had 11 people join our church by letter or statement. To God be the glory, great things He has done! Our treasurer, Juanita shared with us during Body Life that we had a budget surplus for the month of June. Thank you, Jesus! Forty percent of that will go to our Growth Fund so we will  make another extra payment on our building loan principal. She also ran some stats for the last nine months regarding our budget. In this financial year, we are averaging a surplus each week in excess of our expenses. That is amazing, my friend. We will be able to keep paying on principal and fulfill our desire to have the sanctuary paid off in five or six years. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in attendance and giving to our Lord so true ministry can go on. I have said that you folks are the most loving and giving people I have ever been around!

I cannot put into words how blessed we are to have a Worship Leader like Bro. Steve leading our music team. He does such an awesome job preparing our hearts for true worship! From our Praise Team, soloists, instrumentalists to our Choir, we have one of the best music services in our area. The last two Sundays have been outstanding! The energy,enthusiasm, and spirit have been as strong as I have ever seen. Let’s all continue to engage in true worship of song and scripture to praise our wonderful God, Lord, and Savior. Let me encourage more of you to get back into choir and fill up our choir loft for the glory of God. I know God would be pleased.

We had one of our best Vacation Bible Schools ever. Our nightly average attendance was 68 children and 46 workers for a total of 114 each night. Two great things came out of a super week with our children and lots of guests: God blessed us with six children being saved and the kids brought over 4,000 items for our Food Closet Ministry. A huge thanks goes to all of our adult workers and a special thanks to Missy and Landen for organizing and leading our adults and children to a productive week of Children’s Ministry in VBS.

Please note and save this date: September 15. On that Sunday we will present our very first Missions Fair in both the a.m. and p.m. services. Bro. Scott has been wanting to do this for awhile and has put together a great day of Mission Ministry information and explanation for you. K.J., missionary from India, will be speaking in our 10:30 a.m. worship service. K.J. gave a wonderful testimony the last time he was here and has an unbelievable ministry going with refugees in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as well as four other states. He truly is on the cutting edge of Missions in today’s world. Hunter, another missionary will be speaking at our 6:00 p.m. service. Hunter is from Fort Worth, TX and has a heart for missions. Bro. Scott will have several mission booths set up in the sanctuary foyer so you can get more information about all of the Mission Ministries at our church. Because of a previous commitment, I will be gone that Sunday. It was the only Sunday both of these missionaries could be here this fall. Please pray for and support our Missions Ministry and Bro. Scott by being here and participating in the very first Missions Fair. We must continue to be a mission-minded church in order to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord.

I have really enjoyed the four-week series from Revelation 21 and 22. I hope you have enjoyed hearing it as much as I enjoyed studying it. You can go online and hear these sermons if you missed any of them. Our website, YouTube, and the cloud are ways to find them. Just call the church office if you need help finding them; (YouTube & Facebook directions are given below). We will now go right into the Book of Acts where we will see the birth of the New Testament Church and the coming of the Holy Spirit. We are excited about the new series and look forward to sharing God’s Holy Word with you!

We truly have had a fantastic summer and look forward to a great fall. Let me encourage you to try one of our small group Bible Study classes which we still call Sunday School. They begin at 9:15 a.m. every Sunday morning and we have some of the best teachers around. Our classes really minister to one another plus most have fellowships where you can get to know others better. We thank God for all He is doing in the life of our church and give Him the praise for our continued growth! We thank God for you and love each and every one of you. It is an honor to serve with you and see God work in a mighty way weekly. May God bless you and your family. Hope to see you this Sunday!

In Christ,
Michael Franklin

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