2019-06-01 Missions


June 1,2019

The Mission Continues 

We had another opportunity to serve at Orr Elementary by providing a meal for the children, families, and mentors who were a part of the mentor’s program. I was asked if some of our members would like to be a mentor for a child at Orr Elementary; for details you can contact me. “Kids Beach Club” will begin again in the fall. It is exciting that Rye Hill Baptist supports this ministry by giving and serving in order to convey “Jesus is cool at School.”

The turnout from our members in April for the Westside Baptist Church outreach events was great. On the 20th we handed out flyers door to door. On the 27th we helped them with a block party at the church. Several neighbors who attended this event have visited the church services.

On Saturday May 19th we again canvassed the Riley Farm area in our “Every Home Reached” efforts. We will do this again on Thursday evening, May 30th. You may also participate in this outreach during the summer. You can be a part of the group visitations when they take place; you can also pick up information from the office and go when it is convenient for you.

Our Journey to The Fountains in Fort Worth is drawing near: the dates are June 9th-15th. There is still space and a need for you to be a part of this outreach. Sign up by June 2nd!

The World Changers will be in Fort Smith again this year – June 23rd-29th. Over 200 youth will participate in this ministry by working on homes that need repair. We will have a group of 16 to 20 attend church with us June 23rd and we will feed them lunch afterwards. Monday through Friday we will provide lunches at the site where this team is working.

There are several events sponsored by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. These events are for Equipping and Encouraging. Go to http://www.absc.org/events/ to sign up. Or scan the code with your phone which will link you to the site.   

In Christ,
Brother Scott