2019-04-01 Frankly Speaking

April 1, 2019

Frankly Speaking

In church work and with 39 years of being in the ministry, January and February are usually our slowest months because of the cold weather and rain. After having our best year ever in 2018, it made things the last two months seem even slower. Hold on to your hats my friends. April and May are going to be two of our busiest months of the year!

We are just ONE week away from our Bible Conference, April 7-10. Words cannot express   how excited we are about Bro. Dale Thompson, Senior Pastor, of First Baptist Church  in Ft. Smith preaching from God’s Holy Word and Bro. Tom McCone, Worship Leader, at First Baptist Church in Greenwood leading the music. They both are seasoned veterans in local church ministry plus they are wonderful, spirit-led leaders who are in love with Jesus. Bro. Dale is our local television preacher who most of our shut-ins watch every Sunday. He is a pastor’s pastor whose gift of preaching has blessed congregations for over 46 years. He is a gifted Bible teacher who communicates the gospel in a mighty way. When I was so sick with viral pneumonia and missed 8 weeks of preaching he was the one I listened to every Sunday. Bro. Tom is a great man of God who brings much variety to worship music. From Bluegrass to traditional gospel music he knows how to lead a congregation and prepare hearts for true worship. We are so blessed to have these two men leading our Bible Conference this year! My prayer is that we will start our Bible Conference with such excitement and expectation that a
true revival breaks out! We need you to do two things in preparation. First: pray, pray, pray, then pray some more. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is truly the key to seeing authentic revival in the life of the church. Please read this verse daily and have it memorized and in your heart by the start of our Bible Conference. Second: invite, invite, invite, then invite some more. Begin NOW inviting family, friends, neighbors, work associates, and unchurched people to our revival. The best revivals I have ever seen is when Christians get totally right with God which causes lost people to come to church and get saved. Let’s do our absolute best to prepare our hearts and lives for true revival and attend every service that we possibly can. I promise you that if we do these two things, God will do the rest in the Person of the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!

Easter Sunday is April 21st. Last year we had 638 in attendance which was our largest ever on any Sunday. We believe that this Easter Sunday we will be totally maxed out – hopefully with standing-room only. Our prayer is that the momentum from our Bible Conference will spill over into Easter Sunday and we will see some amazing things in the month of April.

I want to share something with you that has really been on my heart. It is the importance of being plugged into a Sunday School class. It is our small group time of ministry and Bible study. It is a place where you get to know other Christians on a first name basis. It is a time when you can share prayer requests and burdens that are weighing on you. It is a time of personal fellowship with a wonderful Christian support group. It is another great way to prepare your heart for our Worship Service. We have some awesome Bible teachers and they truly minister to everyone in a Spirit led way. Would you please prayerfully consider coming one hour earlier to plug into one of our small group classes called Sunday School? A list of all our classes is in the office and at most of our exits. Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration!

God has really been speaking to me about Missions in this new year. I made a commitment to read a book a month on Missions, Evangelism, Outreach, Discipleship or Church Ministry in 2019. As of today, God has allowed me to finish 6 books. My point is that everything I am reading comes back to missions and evangelism; I would really like to see us make both
of these top priority for the rest of 2019. I honestly believe any church that does these two things on a consistent basis will be blessed by God and empowered with His Holy Spirit. Our worship services are filled with the presence or our Lord, but God wants us to take it one step farther with missions and evangelism!

I believe with all my heart this is what our huge 2018 growth was preparing us for. We want to balance local missions and evangelism with Mission Journeys and reaching unreached people groups. We have two local opportunities coming up. First will be an Outreach Blitz on Saturday, May 18th, at 10:30 a.m. We are asking for at least 50 volunteers – 4th grade through Senior Adults – to prayerfully consider helping us knock on doors in our neighborhood looking for prospects. We will pair you with a person who will take charge of talking if you will just come and support them. Anyone can do it and all are welcome. The second event will be passing out flyers and a Block Party with Westside Baptist Church and Bro. Dale Montgomery on April 20 and 27. They baptized their first person last week and things are going well there. Praise the Lord!

The next Mission Journey to Ft. Worth, TX will be June 9-15. We will be doing two Vacation Bible Schools that week so we need at least 24 people to go with us. Bro. Scott does a super job leading this Mission Journey, but we really need your help as we minister to refugees in that area of Ft. Worth. Please pray earnestly about helping us make this an effective Mission Journey. Bro. Scott will be having another Missions Meeting soon to update everyone with details of our trip. Please pray for me and with me as we make missions and evangelism a priority in 2019.

Because of our busy April calendar, we have had to reschedule our Men’s Breakfast for Saturday, May 11th, at 8:30 a.m. in the family life center. Praise God, we had 63 men at our last breakfast and Bible study. Please continue to invite men to join you for our great Bible study entitled “Man In The Mirror”. Our next study will be “Biblical or Cultural Christianity.”

Lastly, Wow! We have said a lot! Let me encourage you to keep being faithful to God and His church. I thank God for the wonderful church family and friends He has blessed us with! Keep inviting family and friends to our services as we continue preaching from the Book of John on Sunday mornings and teaching “Spiritual Warfare” on Sunday evenings.

I love and appreciate each one of you! Hope to see you this Sunday!

In Christ,

Michael Franklin