2018-08-01 The Kid’s Corner

What an awesome job the children did on the musical

Kid’s Corner

August 2018

What an awesome job the children did on the musical “Down At The Creek Bank.” What great talent we have with our children. It was a program I have been wanting to do for years. A few months ago when I started on a musical for the summer I picked out another one, but my daughter Maddie said that I should do “Down At The Creek Bank” because I had wanted to do it for such a long time. I said I would do it if she would do the lead role and adult leader and solos. She agreed and what an amazing job she did leading out and singing. So a great big thanks to Maddie and the children for allowing me to mark off something on my bucket list!

We had a great time at Children’s Camp. It was one of the best ever. God blessed us with three (3) children who asked Jesus to be the Lord and boss of their lives. Thank you to all the workers and kitchen staff that made it so great, and thank you RHBC for your support with finances and food items.

NOTE: AWANA kickoff is Wednesday, Sept. 5th. We will have registration, games and more. Again, thank you RHBC for all you do for our children.

Love in Christ, Bro. Dale