2018-04-01 Frankly Speaking

April 2018

Frankly Speaking

Dear Church Member,

We cannot express in words how blessed we are as members of Rye Hill Baptist Church. God is doing an amazing work here and to HIM be the glory for the wonderful things being done. We received a guest card this past Sunday with these words written on it: “I learned about your church from your reputation in the River Valley.” It literally brought tears to my eyes as I read it after church Sunday morning. We had another sweet couple join our church by letter last Sunday. Thank you, Jesus! That means in nine of the last twelve weeks people have been baptized or joined by letter. Hallelujah! The song, “Shout to the Lord” comes to mind right here! Mrs. Juanita shared with me that the Finance Committee transferred $60,000.00 more from our Growth Fund to pay on principal this past week. That means that in the past four months we have paid 170,000.000 on our principal to reduce our debt and save money on interest. You are doing a fantastic job of giving to support the Lord’s work. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for your faithfulness in giving generously to God and His church. My prayer is that in the next five years we can have our new sanctuary paid for and then see what God wants us to do after that. The only thing left on my heart is to literally build a mission church from the ground up, then give the pastor and members the key to a new building. Our God IS able!

Hey, Easter Sunday is the BEST time to invite family, friends, neighbors, and work associates to our church. Nearly everyone thinks about going somewhere to worship that day. Please keep inviting people to church and let’s pray that our sanctuary will be near capacity this Sunday. We really need around 50 cars to park in the two businesses on the east side of our church. Please consider carpooling with family or friends to leave room to park for our guests that day. We cannot wait to see what God is going to do Easter Sunday!

We are continually blessed by the Music Ministry and leadership of Bro. Steve and our Praise Team every Sunday morning. From the first note of the first song to the last note of the Worship Service, you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in song and music. The choir does a fantastic job and our soloists do a super job singing songs that go right with the sermon topic that day! The whole music team truly gets our hearts ready for worship and the preaching of God’s Holy Word.

Praise God, Beshears Construction will begin remodeling our old sanctuary on Monday, April 2nd. We are going to need at least two 16 foot trailers and some strong men to help us move 18 pews into storage that Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. Our goal is to be ready with four new classrooms, two large and two regular size, on Sunday, June 3rd. We will have a workday that Saturday before to make sure we are ready to go. We want to thank everyone for being so patient and understanding during this time. We have some classes bursting at the seams and these new areas will allow room for Sunday School growth and new classes later on. If you haven’t tried our small group Sunday School time, NOW would be a great time to start. Just come at 9:15 AM and we will get you to a class of wonderful Christian people and an excellent Bible Study time.

With the time change and warmer weather we are encouraging everyone to really ramp-up our Outreach Ministry in our Jerusalem (neighborhood). Bro. Scott has done a super job leading out in this “Go and Tell” ministry. We have Outreach Sheets available to be picked up anytime our buildings are open. You can pair-up with someone and begin knocking on doors at your convenience. We are looking for church prospects, and inviting anyone not going to church anywhere to come try ours. Our goal is to knock on 876 doors by the end of this year. Your help with this is greatly appreciated! Just see Bro. Scott or check-in at the church office to begin helping us with this extremely important Outreach ministry.

We are very excited about our Spring Bible Conference, April 22nd-25th. Our guest preacher will be Dr. Kemp Holden, former pastor of Harvest Time Church in Fort Smith. Dr. Holden is a gifted preacher who literally speaks all over the U.S.A. and the world. His communication skills are amazing and he truly is a seasoned veteran of preaching. He will be teaching a “Prophecy Conference” in the five services that week. Specific topics such as “What Time Is It?”, “God’s Time Clock,” and “God’s Agenda” will include relative information about current events in the Middle East such as the moving of Israel’s capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. You do not want to miss any service of this informative series on modern day prophecy. Bro. Steve and our Praise Team will be leading our Praise and Worship time. If you know anyone that is lost and needs a personal relationship with Christ, this would be a great time to invite them to hear God’s Word. Our prayer is that we will begin our 11th Annual Bible Conference and true REVIVAL will break out!

I pray you will keep all of these exciting times in the life of our church in your daily prayer life.

I believe with all my heart that the next two months of ministry could change Rye Hill Baptist Church forever, and lead us into real revival here and in the River Valley. I love each of you, and count it an honor to serve our Lord and be the Senior Pastor of such a loving, caring, and faithful church body! May God bless you and your family.

In Christ,
Michael Franklin