2017-12-01 From Our Missions Leader

It is incredible the privilege we have to be a part of all that God is doing.

From Our Missions Leader

December 2017

It is incredible the privilege we have to be a part of all that God is doing. People coming to know Christ, following him in Baptism, plugging in here at Rye Hill. The excitement I hear from those who visit us.

We have completed another time of how to “Share Jesus without Fear”. I have been asked will we do it again, and the answer is yes. Sometime early in the new year, so be watching for the opportunity to join in. Also we have begun “Go without Fear, Every Home Reached”, as we Invite and Engage those right around the Church. I’m excited by the participation. I will get a date set sometime in January to have another information meeting on how this is working.

Ministry with the International Students at UAFS as far as Conversation Club is coming to an end for the semester. I want to thank all those who contributed for the November meal. There will be 12 Meetings in the spring semester presenting much opportunity.

We are at the Fountains as I complete this portion of What God is doing. We will help serve an expected 300 folks a Thanksgiving meal. We participated in a service conducted in Arabic, as I listened to both song and the message, I was reminded God is not restricted to language and it is His Word that is alive and changes hearts. We saw baby Mohamed and he is doing better. We prayed in the home for his continuing recovery and the family. I will have more information next month about this time we have had to be in Fort Worth.

In Christ, Brother Scott