2017-11-01 Frankly Speaking

November 2017

Frankly Speaking

Dear Church Member,

It is hard to put in words how BLESSED we are as a church. On the 15th we baptized a teenager, and a sweet couple united with our church. On the 22nd, another couple joined: one by letter and one by baptism, and a family of 5 also joined the church. Praise the Lord! We had another wonderful Body Life Meeting on the 22nd as God blessed us with a $25,000.00 surplus in the budget for September. God is so good! We are truly praising and worshiping God in song and in scripture every Sunday. We thank God that His Holy Spirit is moving in a mighty way and we see spiritual decisions made almost every Sunday in our church!

We formed our Building Committee in August of 2015. They have met 36 times over the past two years. I cannot tell you how proud I am of the hard work and dedication we have seen from them. Every member of the committee had only the church interest in mind. We have seen God walk through this journey with us and open every door that needed to be opened for our good and His glory. Many prayers have been answered, and we are going to come in under budget which is rare on a building project this size. Hallelujah! Our new Worship Center looks fantastic and really will be an awesome “Lighthouse” in our community.

The final touches are now being done so we will be able to have our first Worship Service in the New Sanctuary on Sunday, November 5th. Thank you, Jesus! Please remember these two IMPORTANT things about that Sunday. First, it is TIME CHANGE Sunday. We will ‘fall back’ one (1) hour on Saturday night, so be sure to set your clocks back before going to bed that night. Second, we will begin our NEW time schedule that Sunday. Sunday School will begin at 9:15 a.m. and our ONLY Sunday morning Worship Service will begin at 10:30 a.m. It will be great to have plenty of room for everyone in our Worship Center! To say that we are extremely excited about the possibility of future growth in the life of our church would be a huge understatement of our feelings. To have ONE service with all our members and friends under one roof is going to be amazing! Please continue to pray that everything will be completed, and all the details of the new Worship Center will be working and ready to go. We realize that change is difficult on everyone, but I believe with all my heart that after a month on our new schedule everyone will adjust and enjoy being ONE congregation again! Please be patient and positive throughout this challenging transition. There may be something we forgot or did not see, but I promise you we will try our best to fix things for the church’s good and for God’s glory.

Our formal “Dedication Service” will be Sunday, November 12th. This will be the time for us to invite our family and friends to join us for this special event in the life of Rye Hill Baptist Church. We are setting High Attendance goals for this day: 300 in Sunday School and 700 in Worship Service. Please begin thinking NOW about who to invite for this Special Day for our church. Please invite family, friends, neighbors, and work associates to come celebrate this wonderful time together at our church. Because of the huge crowd that we anticipate that day, we need you to do two things. First, car pool if you can. The fewer cars we bring the more room we will have for guests. Second, park away from the buildings. We can use Ace Fencing Company and AC Mechanical parking lots. We need at least 40 people to park in these lots to ensure adequate parking for that Sunday. Also, pray that it doesn’t rain that day. I truly believe we might have to use all the 848 chairs that day! Please help us make this “Dedication Day” super special by being here and bringing someone with you. I believe that this milestone Worship Service will be the beginning of something great for many years to come. Let’s fill up the new Sanctuary for the glory of God that Dedication Sunday, November 12th.

Do not forget that the very next Sunday, November 19th is our Harvest Blessing Sunday and our annual Thanksgiving Dinner together. We ask that every family bring a salad, a vegetable, a casserole dish, or a dessert to share with everyone. The church will provide the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, rolls and drinks. It will be a Sunday of Thanksgiving for the many blessings God gives us! We realize that it will be back-to-back big Sundays but with the completion of the new Worship Center it could not be avoided. With everyone pitching in and helping that Sunday, all will go well, and it will be a great day of Thanksgiving as one big church family.

I love Bro. Scott Warren’s idea entitled, “Go Without Fear!” It is the challenge of canvasing the Riley Farms neighborhood (our Jerusalem) to “Invite” people to our church. We also want to try to “Engage” them with the gospel. The goal is to personally reach every home in our neighborhood. The beauty of this outreach program is that you can come by the office at any time and get a prospect which you can visit anytime. All we ask you to do is bring back the paper with their address on it and write down how your visit went. I have personally challenged myself to make one prospect visit a week for God’s glory, and to seek church prospects with the goal of sharing Christ with all who will allow me to share. This effort will help us fill up our new Worship Center for God’s glory and to see others come to Christ for salvation. Please prayerfully consider helping us out in this wonderful outreach commitment.

Our Youth Search Committee is hard at work. We have interviewed 6 candidates with one more to go. I believe that God’s man will be one of these 7 applicants. Please continue to pray hard for God’s perfect will to be done in the life of our church and our youth.

We truly are blessed to be a blessing to others! My prayer is that we will continue to be a blessing to others and faithful to the Lord’s work. I love each one of you and hope to see you this Sunday in God’s House worshipping with God’s people. May God bless you!

In Christ,
Michael Franklin